combo deal

Cosmetic tattooing of lips, eyebrows and top OR bottom basic eyeliners at ONE appointment.

lasts: 4 hours • cost: 1400

feathered or powder eyebrows

Cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows

lasts: 1 hour 30 mins • cost: 600

full lips

Cosmetic tattooing of lips

lasts: 1 hour 30 mins • cost: 650

top or bottom eyeliner

Cosmetic tattooing of eyelids

lasts: 1 hour • cost:
Bottom - 350
Top - 500

lash line

Cosmetic tattooing of lash lines

lasts: 1 hour • cost: 300-450

cosmetic tattoo removal

Cosmetic tattoo removal with solution Blur

lasts: 30 mins • cost: 150-350

areola tattooing & breast scar camouflage

3D Areola Restoration and Breast Scar Camouflage is truly an amazing procedures! Medical tattooing is used to address the end portion of the reconstruction process following breast cancer surgery.

lasts: 3 hours • cost: 450-650

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