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Cosmetic tattooing Artist

My name is Oksana. During the last 17 years I have been working as a virtuoso in permanent makeup. Utilising my medical education (Kharkov, Ukraine) and my knowledge of psychology (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) I have developed an artistic vision, embracing a sense of harmony and proportion.

Through this knowledge I display a high level of professionalism and achieve excellent client satisfaction and results following treatment. I love to make delicate and natural adjustments to my client's facial features, enriching their confidence and positive self image. As a result of attentive and sensitive service of my clients I maintain a high percentage of return business. I have successfully developed client connections and mentored professionals abroad in Ukraine (biotek.in.ua, tatuage.dp.ua, esthetique.com.ua), France, Germany, Russia and other countries (maquillagepermanent.com).

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Cosmetic tattooing of lips, eyebrows and lash line

feathered or powder eyebrows

Cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows

full lips

Cosmetic tattooing of lips

top or bottom eyeliner

Cosmetic tattooing of eyelids

lash line

Cosmetic tattooing of lash lines

cosmetic tattoo removal

Cosmetic tattoo removal with solution Blur

areola tattooing & breast scar camouflage

3D Areola Restoration and Breast Scar Camouflage is truly an amazing procedures! Medical tattooing is used to address the end portion of the reconstruction process following breast cancer surgery.

the process

Lip Liner & Full Lip Color

Permanent makeup will create a more defined or fuller lip line. It’s fantastic for thin or not-so-perfectly shaped lips and an excellent benefit enhancement to fading or pale lip colouring. When shaping the mouth and lips, it is important not to forget the details that contribute to a symmetrical and natural appearance of the mouth and lips. Philtral columns are formed differently on various individuals.

They may be too close together, too far apart, or one column stretched out to the side farther. If the cupids bow peaks are too close or too far apart, the lips can look awkward. Lip liner and full lip colour are a subtle way to achieve a natural and symmetrical mouth and lip enhancement. I work with you to carefully consider your face shape and measure to achieve for the best final results to enhance the natural shape of the mouth and help maintain a more youthful appearance to your mouth and lips.

Eyebrows & Eyeliner

Beautifully shaped eyebrows enhance the eyes and draw attention to your cheek bones. They can be used to enhance your natural beauty like a beautiful frame enhances a lovely painting. Clients wishing to restore or reshape their brows will love how this procedure lifts the eyes and enhances the face. Permanent eyeliner can also enhance sparse lashes or and give more definition to light or faded lashes.

Other benefits include, it saves you time and you never have to worry about your make-up smudging or fading. Because it doesn’t smear, it is ideal for athletes as it won’t come off after swimming, working out or showering. It is ideal for contact lens wearers and those who have difficulty with make-up that always smudges. It is especially helpful for those who have a visual impairment or unsteady hands due to a medical condition.


If you get cold sores or have ever had one in the past you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before a lip procedure. Physicians usually instruct to take it 2 days before.



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